• In 2005–2007, male life expectancy at birth was 79.0 years for non-Māori and 70.4 years for Māori, a difference of 8.6 years.
  • The death rate for Māori males is approximately twice that of non-Māori males.
  • Leading causes of death for Māori men include cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and respiratory disease.
  • Māori men are 1.5 times more likely to be current smokers than men in the total population.
  • The biggest age group for the Māori male population is aged between 0-14, followed by the 25-44 age group.
  • It is projected that by 2016 there will be 357,400 Māori men. By 2026 there will be 403,400 Māori men.
  • 22.8% of Māori men have a total personal income less than $10,000
  • The majority of Māori men (69.6%) do not live in their own home
  • 80% of Māori men (aged 16-65 years) have poor (level 1/2) health literacy
  • 41.9% of Māori males between 15-64 smoke
  • 88.7% of Māori males have consumed alcohol in the past 12 months (15-64 years)
  • 32.6% of Māori males have used cannabis in the past 12 months (15-64 years)
  • 29.1% of Māori makes have 3 or more servings of vegetables and 2 or more of fruit per day
  • The most common cause of cancer is lung cancer, followed by prostate cancer, colorectal and stomach and liver.
  • Māori men are nearly twice as likely to suffer from asthma as non-Māori men
  • Māori men have more than three times as many hospital admission for COPD