Tāne Ora Environmental Scan

The T?ne Ora Environmental Scan is being conducted by Karake Consultancy on behalf of Mana T?ne Ora o Aotearoa. The purpose of the environment scan is to provide a general overview of the current programmes used throughout New Zealand that deliver T?ne Ora focused services.

T?ne Ora focused services are defined by the following:

  • Tier 1: Dedicated services specifically focused on T?ne Ora.1
  • Tier 2: Services that provide specific T?ne Ora programmes within their wider service provision.
  • Tier 3: General men’s health provision with a focus on M?ori.

The environment scan will be used as a foundation document for Mana T?ne Ora o Aotearoa for the promotion of T?ne Ora focused services. The survey is intended to highlight the exceptional work being undertaken across Aotearoa, price in our communities, remedy our regions and our nation. An analysis of the survey will be submitted to the Ministry of Health, and be available from this website.

Your organisation is recognised as a leader in M?ori Health Service Innovation, maintaining a strong commitment to providing programmes and services that address the needs of M?ori men and their wh?nau. We value your commitment and experience, and hope that you will be willing to share an overview of the programmes and services you have in place that are targeted at and/or delivered to M?ori men. Below is information on the online survey, which should take you no more than 10 minutes to complete.

The Survey

Participation is crucial to the success of this project and the environmental scan report. The survey, which focuses on programmes that are targeted at M?ori men’s health and wellbeing, will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.
** Survey is now closed **


To ensure continued momentum we would appreciate you responding to this survey by Monday 14th November.
Mana T?ne Ora o Aotearoa is committed to progressing this important kaupapa to enable future development of service provision for M?ori men in Aotearoa.

1. These services will have specific T?ne Ora service specifications


We are seeking participation from the following organisations:

  • Ministry of Health
  • District Health Boards
  • National M?ori Health Providers
  • M?ori Health Providers
  • Primary Health Organisations


This Environmental scan will be completed using the following methods:

  • Desktop research and analysis on T?ne Ora health service provision
  • Develop survey, with consent and information letter for T?ne Ora lead agencies, including webpage link format
  • Engagement with sector which includes District Health Boards, Ministry of Health, National M?ori Providers, M?ori Providers and Primary Health organisations.
  • Collate and analyse all survey information
  • Final report

The overall review methodology will be a combination of data collection methodologies, which are primarily qualitative. The T?ne Ora Environmental Survey will be inclusive of the following information but not limited to:

  • Programme name
  • Programme duration
  • Programme goals
  • Target Audience
  • Programme reach
  • Programme development
  • Approach
  • Programmes successes
  • Measures
  • Evaluation
  • Funders

Report and findings format:

  • Executive summary of findings
  • Highlights – key programmes and what they do
  • Analysis of survey results (high level) how many programmes, what do they do, and how much investment
  • Attachment: Surveys
  • A copy of the Report once completed will be able to be accessed from the Mana T?ne Ora o Aotearoa website

Sector Engagement will include the following:
DHB Engagement – Survey with information cover letter to be emailed to 21 DHBs identified contacts; National M?ori Health Providers Engagement – Survey with information cover letter to be emailed to 16 National M?ori Health providers; M?ori Health Providers Engagement – Survey and information cover letter to be emailed to regional M?ori Health Providers; Primary Health Organisations – Survey and information cover letter to be emailed to regional Primary Health Organisations; Email survey to Ministry of Health.

Project Team

Dr Melissa Cragg
Project Manager with over five years experience in the M?ori Health sector has worked both in a M?ori provider and mainstream environment and has an excellent understanding of M?ori NGO expectations combined with government agency realities.
Melissa’s previous employment comprised of a Course Coordinator/Tutor for Te Putahi-a-Toi, Massey University in the areas of Treaty of Waitangi and Government Policy and within the School of M?ori Studies at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology in the areas of Treaty of Waitangi, M?ori Health and M?ori Resource Management. As a Community Researcher with the M?ori Development Organisation – Poumanawa Oranga and as a Project Manager for the Nutrition and Physical Activity Programme within the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board. A Lead Associate for Te Haupua Associates Limited where research and developmental projects were undertaken with both the M?ori health and mainstream sectors. These experiences have shaped Melissa’s NGO M?ori Health provider and Provider Arm experience. Currently appointed to Te Whanganui a Tara Regional Leadership Group for Whanau Ora, Melissa has experience working in a regional capacity. She has presented at many conferences, published papers and also facilitated many different meetings and hui, to a wide range of people.
Karake Consultancy has had the responsibility for developing a number of regional and national development initiatives around Tane Ora. These initiatives include undertaking the Survey on a Men’s Health Needs for Te Tau Ihu, the development of a Hauora Tane Service for Te Hauora o Ngati Rarua, evaluation of the Inaugural National Tane Ora Conference, and development of the Strategic Plan, Business Plan and Communication Strategy for the National M?ori Men’s Health Coalition – Mana T?ne Ora o Aotearoa.


Vanessa HikaNg?i Te Rangi, Ngai Tahu, Te Atiawa
Vanessa has experience in research, policy development and project management. Currently, Vanessa is undertaking studies in the Health Promotion field and hopes this will enhance her existing technical skills in strategic thinking, research, planning, policy development and relationship management.
Vanessa’s current work with Karake Consultancy includes, among other things, undertaking data collection and analysis for evaluation studies, literature searching and reviews, and assisting with needs assessment surveys. This work has involved transcribing interviews, along with editing and proofing transcripts. Vanessa is committed to working collaboratively with agencies, communities and individuals that have an interest in contributing to organisational and project goals and objectives. Vanessa values and expects high levels of integrity and strategic thought, supported by a spirit of service, and is focused on working in environments where diversity is welcomed and valued and where responsibilities are recognised under the Treaty of Waitangi.


Ellen Hawke
Ellen Hawke graduated from Massey University with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Media Studies and English and then whnt on to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in M?ori Development. Ellen has considerable experience working in M?ori health. Previous mahi has included holding the position of Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer – Te Rapuora Health and Social Services.
Ellen’s current work with Karake Consultancy includes, among other things, undertaking evaluation studies, literature reviews, and needs assessment surveys. This work has involved transcribing interviews, editing and proofing transcripts, focus group, writing surveys and literature reviews, evaluating Mental Health services and undertaking both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Ellen is comfortable working in many different situations and with many different people.

Project Manager: Dr Melissa Cragg
Project Support: Vanessa Hika
Project Support: Ellen Hawke

Contact & Questions

If you have any further questions about this project please contact Dr Melissa Cragg at Karake Consultancy on 06 3456080 or via email melissa.cragg@xnet.co.nz